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Supplying Twin Falls, ID with fire extinguishers

Smoke alarms, fire protection plans, and more
When you're organizing fire protection, contact the experienced, accredited team at Snake River Fire. We're dedicated to ensuring your safety in times of emergency. Whether you're looking for fire extinguishers for your home or an entire fire protection overhaul for your business, Snake River Fire is the team to call. We have an excellent track record for implementing efficient, reliable fire protection plans. For complete fire protection services in or around Twin Falls, ID, speak to the experts and find out what we can do for you.


Efficiency is vital during a fire, and just as important when installing fire extinguishers and other equipment.

Our team works fast to minimize disruption to your workplace while your new fire suppression equipment is being installed. Call us today in Twin Falls to book an appointment or to find out more.
Team installing fire extinguishers in a customer's home in Twin Falls, ID
Experts in fire extinguishers for homes in Twin Falls, ID


Snake River Fire's team is comprised of fully accredited fire protection experts. We have complete certification so you can rest assured that all the products and advice we provide is fully approved by fire protection authorities, both local as well as international.

Protect your home or business with fire extinguishers or smoke alarms from Snake River Fire in Twin Falls.


Our highly experienced team has been providing fire protection services worldwide for years. We have designed fire-management plans for everything from large businesses to single-bedroom dwellings.

Our team handles everything from the maintenance of fire extinguishers to the installation of equipment to the training of staff, so give us a call in Magic Valley today.
Man working with fire extinguishers in Twin Falls, ID
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